8 Unrepentantly Upbeat Tips Guaranteed To Boost Your Confidence

by Terry Chapman Bounce back from shame with glee. We live in a shame culture that attacks our confidence on a daily basis. Because of this we often feel flawed, unloveable, and unworthy. Shame is the demon in our closet — the monster under our beds. It prowls everywhere: at work, in our families, at school, on the Internet. Shame uses our appearance, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, addictions and aging to diminish our confidence. Shaming knows no limits… Emotional First Aid Skills:   (continue reading….)    

How I Define Therapy

How I define therapy: Effective therapy is a collaboration between the therapist and client working together to identify what is preventing the client from progressing toward his/her goals. The intent of therapy is to alleviate or heal emotional pain caused by habitual thinking patterns, distorted beliefs, environmental and/or relationship stressors as well as biological factors such as illness, a lack of movement, poor diet or insufficient sleep. Every person’s situation and story is unique. I consider it a privilege to assist individuals in their personal explorations. Therapy is not magic. It is hard work—some of the most difficult, bravest work… Continue Reading This Article